10 Measures People Take With Fibromyalgia This COVID-19 Epidemic Should Be Take.

10 Measures People Take With Fibromyalgia This COVID-19 Epidemic Should Be Take.

Coronaviruses (COVID-19) are a broad family of viruses that cause disease ranging from common cold to more severe diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).

Most of what is known about COVID-19 risk factors is based on what has been reported from China, where the novel outbreak of coronavirus originated and an overwhelming majority of cases and deaths occurred. Two classes are extremely weak here:

Older adults

Most coronavirus deaths were among the elderly, says Dr Adalja. “Over age 50 is where you start having more serious complications,” he says , noting that older people have a more difficult time to recover, close to the flu.

People with underlying health conditions

People with chronic health problems, Dr. Adalja notes, are at a higher than average risk of developing extreme types of COVID-19. When the body is still struggling with a different health problem, he says, there is less resources to devote into battling an acute infection. The CDC states that these requirements include:

• Blood diseases, for example sickle cell disease or blood thinners

• Chronic kidney failure, as the doctor describes it

• Progressive liver disease, as the doctor describes it

• Compromised immune system, including cancer therapy such as chemotherapy or radiation, organ or bone marrow transplantation, high doses of corticosteroids or other immunosuppressants, and HIV or AIDS

• A new or present birth in the past two weeks

• Endocrine conditions, such as diabetes

• Oxidative problems

• Cardiac illness

• Lung disease, Asthma included

• The conditions for physical and cognitive growth and neurodevelopment

We asked our community leaders a question “What test will people with fibromyalgia take in this outbreak in Corona? So what did you do to protect yourself? Any ideas for other. There were lots of members involved in the thread and share their suggestion with us.

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Here is what community shared with us related to COVID-19:

1. During this Covid-19 outbreak, wash your face, social distancing as much as possible. Try not to worry or exert too much stress. Do shopping online-Rachelle

2. Because no one will find a hand sanitizer, I place Bounty paper towels in a ziplock bag (cut in 1/4) and spray them with alcohol. I use it anytime I touch anything outside the house. Keypads are a cauchemar. – Karen

3. Eat as healthy as you can, stock up on your medicines, and if possible take a walk outside. I was doing spring sweeping up a little every day in my yard and it’s the perfect treatment for me. Trisj

4. During this COVID-19 outbreak I loaded up on natural products that combat viral infections. We are on quarantine from midnight except to get important items. Do exercises at home, and try to de-stress. – Anna-Michelle

5. The only thing I ‘d be concerned about is using anti-inflammatory medications (if you’re taking them for inflammation or certain conditions) because it can make the infection worse. I am in France and soon we face a full lock-down like Italy. Follow up on the fluids and supplements and relax with relaxed stretching if you can’t get away. -Natatsha

6. Soap and water perform better than any sanitizer on board. Catch up on vitamin c, calcium, grape seed, olive leaf, COVID-19 probiotics – Adraina

7. Keep off the pain. Stress further weakens the immune system than does fibro. – Sarah—

8. Since I was a child, I have always suffered from EBV, which the doctors believe is why I developed Fibro, sooooooo, I’m in risk. That being said, because of fear mongering, I refuse to live entirely under a rock. Today, I’m leaving my house trying to make food forage. I’m just going to wash my face, and stay away from crowds. When it’s my moment so I can’t do a darn thing about it. There is no store near me providing delivery that also has food, so it’s back to the smaller shops to try to feed my family – Stacey

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9. I started taking ibuprofen while that’s my main pain medicine. And starting to take vitamin C , vitamin D and eat healthy, trying to walk, etc., and trying not to keep reading and stressing will make us worse – Sally. {ibuprofen source: AFP.}

10. Personally, if you are not safe, I hope you will follow the advice of the CDC and the World Health Advice. I’ve already come across some amazing news tips. Too good stuff. I do frequently wash my hands.

I’m using grocery pickup services which means it takes longer to get my grocery stores and I’m not getting exactly what I want but I’m avoiding contact with “large” people groups and mostly getting my list filled out. When we get home from work and school kids (but they just closed) all of our stuff goes straight to the wash and I cycle it until it’s loaded.

Everybody washes their hands as they came into the building, when we go in the shop if we need to go, we have pocket hand sanitizer to use in case I spray my most used surfaces with lysol a couple times a day but still wipe them clean. I purchased some board games to keep the house occupied. We are carrying out projects of spring cleaning-taking one cabinet and purging expired projects and organizing. Consider it our ventures cleaving the social gap from the season.

I was a little crotcheting- but not catching on. This is how I can regulate my fear and pain. I prayed in the evenings and I’ve got a meditation feature on my iphone to help keep me focused when I feel stressed! So we’re really only stopping needless trips and touch, after public outings, cleaning our clothing, keeping our hands clean. Thankfully, no one in our household is immune compromised – I’m just especially sore with fibro on top of a couple other crummy medical things. Feel Nice – Brandi

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Note: These reactions are from people who have fibromyalgia. Follow the COVID-19-related CDC or WHO instructions. Consult your emergency helpline in case of serious condition

Fibromyalgia won’t make the virus susceptible to you. If your social interactions are curtailed because of fibromyalgia, you might be less at risk than most people. Many that are older who have other disorders that are co-morbid, like those that damage the immune system, may need to assess their particular harm. It is a central nervous system disease and not an infectious condition


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