A Story of Every Fibro Patient’s Life

A Story of Every Fibro Patient’s Life

By: Dr Alex Robber

My fibro stories

  • Pain from head to toe. 
  • Indescribable exhaustion
  • Anxiety/depression
  • IBS
  • Yes, because my system is f****d I suffer from pain insomnia that has lasted several days and nights.
  • Clothing can hurt
  • At this point showering or bathing can be like running a marathon and I’m out for the day.
  • Because of it I avoid bathing until necessary. Yes, gross. Baby wipes help.
  • I’ve been called unreliable because I never know from one minute to the next how I’ll feel.
  • loud noise is a no-no. With Slade I must deal with it.
  • Because of meds I have dry mouth that never seems to go away.
  • My eyes don’t produce enough tears which cause my corneas to scratch. Nothing a little gel eye drop won’t help.
  • I’m very sensitive to hot/cold. I operate best when it’s warm and humid.
  • I’ve lost friends because they just don’t get it.
  • I’ve been called lazy when the opposite is true. It takes a warrior to get up every day and pretend nothing is wrong.
  • There is no cure for fibromyalgia. I will not die from fibromyalgia either.
  • The “Fibro Fob” makes you forget things or you’re at a loss of words. It’s terrifying.
  • Touch really bothers me. It hurts.
  • I suffer from migraines
  • I have epilepsy (unrelated to fibro so far)
  • I can experience numbness in extremities.
  • My medicines have caused very serious side effects. Thinning hair, severe weight gain/bloating.
  • I get judged every day because I don’t look sick.
  • I’m also sensitive to smells and makeup.

My aunt is living with a secret disease like me and she’s always being challenged like me… “what are you doing all day?”.  And like her…I’m coloring, I’m binge watching shows, Netflix is my new BFF, I love coffee and I put my feet up. I am still following Slade unless it’s Emma or Mike. I am both a slut on Facebook and a stalker on Instagram.

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To the outside world social media has become my lifeline. I love news, and like TMZ gossip shows. I love car trips and shopping at times, but now it can all be done at home. I love to find used products on the market and Kijiji offers.  I try to keep my phone occupied. I’m sleeping most days because I can do just short spurts. Given this…… it is all right.

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