Best Winter Shoes for People with Fibro / Chronic Disease

Best Winter Shoes for People with Fibro / Chronic Disease

By: Dr Alex Robber

You know how painful it can be when you have fibromyalgia. The list of possible fibromyalgia-related problems is long it can cause widespread, chronic pain, tenderness, increased pain sensitivity, stiffness of the joints, numbness, tingling, weakness, even anxiety and depression.

The right shoes are not able to cure all those issues. They can however help alleviate many of the symptoms and some of the discomfort. The right shoes will also keep you relaxed and pain-free while you’re exercising, which is one way to help relieve fibromyalgia symptoms.

First-class shoes for patients with fibromyalgia are a must. Patients with fibromyalgia will also take care of their feet and the rest of their bodies. After all, our feet push us from point to point, help us exercise and help us maintain our equilibrium.

We asked a question from our forum “Why Fibromyalgia Community” about what is their advice on winter shoes for people suffering from chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, lupus, ME / CFS and so on. They took part in the discussion and shared their thoughts with us. Most have suggested memory foamed socks. One member of the group is Podiatrist in our question, and also shares her suggestion with us.

Here are few of their suggestions.

  • Claudine: Sketchers are incredible and do boots for winter too. 
  • Dee: Dankos works for me, I work in assisted living and walk a lot on my feet a lot. 
  • Julie: Sketchers with memory foam
  • Louby: Please don’t go for sketchers ( worst footwear !!) I am a podiatrist. Get some supportive fitted runners new balance or ASICS. Saucony & Dr. Comfort are great too.
  • Joanne: I have tight over knee boots they ease my ankle and knee pain 
  • Janet: My podiatrist recommended Brooks, Glycerin or Crocks for my arthritic feet
  • Lillian: I wear my Doc Martens if I have to be on my feet often during the winter
  • Angella: I can only wear birkenstocks
  • Debra: Rock Springs is all I wear
  • Brenda: For me either sketchers or Dr.Scholls for the arch support to take the pressure off my joints and trigger points.
  • Karen: Keen makes nice wide shoes with lots of room in the toe box. They also have good arch supports.
  • Teresa: Merrell’s, Cloud Steppers by Clark and Sketcher tennis shoes with memory foam.
  • Marie: Ortho is good for people with wide width
  • Jane: New Balance tennis shoes are my main shoes year round… Every day. Summertime…Crocs. my orthotics fit well in both. Not attractive or stylish but comfortable
  • Coyler: Drew….. They have saved my legs and back!  (Orthopedic Shoes)
  • Kirsten: New Balance, Saucony, Brooks, Dansko, Asics all make great shoes
  • Teresa: I like UGG Boots because the TOE box is big and I can get my shoe appliances in there and it’s made OF suede , so it’s soft and does not bind nor hurt my foot.
  • Valerie: Personally do not find Sketchers provide any support despite feeling very comfortable when first go on. New Balance have proven best for me, or the Equestrian brand Ariat which are extremely expensive but do a lot of supportive insulated winter boots. Sadly their trainers are not as good as I hoped they would be but boots excellent
  • Miller: Easy spirit old lady tennis shoes. Great shoes for problem feet.
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Shoes for Suffering with Fibromyalgia

Shoes such as’ Shapeups’ or other toning shoes may not be the best idea for fibromyalgic sufferers.  They’re built to keep you unbalanced.  The fact that you’re unbalanced means you’re using the muscles in your legs and butt to stay upright.  Well kids, we are all familiar with what our previously tender, tense muscles can do about exercise. Good shoes for patients with fibromyalgia are as diverse as those patients themselves.

For some, a shoe variation doesn’t make a bit of a difference; it can make a huge difference for others. Frosty feet= sore feet for some of us, and warm feet= swollen, achy feet for some. Many of us are fighting back to keep our feet at a comfortable temperature, but we’re in trouble if we don’t. Try keeping them covered in the winter. If they become frozen, you may need an external heat source, such as using a heating pad or a rice bag to cook them.

It can take ice packs or digging in cold water during the summer to get them frozen. I’ve found that I’m better off wearing a well-cushioned slipper at home when my feet hurt than I’m going barefoot. It took me a long time to know how much the right socks would support! I’ve unveiled newer fibers that I love because they no longer make those ridges grinding into my skin and making it blaze for a very flat and smooth socks.

In fact, my first priorities are made of rubber and other man-made fibers, and they’re outstanding! Without being taut, they feel comfortable and silky against my hands, yet they are thick enough to add padding to not – so-cushy feet. They’re particularly dry, too, which I desperately need in the wintry weather. Also, bamboo socks feel awesome, and I have some super-soft terry cloths to wear around the room. If you have allergies or sensitivities to the skin, walk cautiously while trying new fibres. I have learned from quite a few people with fibromyalgia that sock elastic fibers cause a lot of tenderness to them. If this is an issue for you, then you might want to try diabetic socks.

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The number one thing I look for in shoes to cope with my foot pain is a good amount of cushion. People used to like a hard-soled shoe like Birkenstocks, but now, the softer the sole the better for them, they can’t put up with those anymore. Precise shoes can be difficult for patients with fibromyalgia so good luck in your search for the right shoe.  I know it can be expensive if they don’t suit the way you hoped; but many shoe stores have a good return policy as long as the shoes are not worn out.

How to ease pain in your foot

Your doctor will help you find the right treatment, any fracture or concurrent condition causes the foot pain. Otherwise you need to figure out how to manage it. Many things have helped people relieve their foot pain, and the list of those things follows, but keep in mind that they are personal experiences and may not work for everyone.

  • soft well-cushioned slippers
  • thick socks or diabetic socks
  • soft-soled shoes
  • soaking in hot water and Epsom salt
  • gentle stretching
  • extremely gentle massage
  • cooling lotion
  • orthotics


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