Chronic Illness Story By Kristie Wright

Chronic Illness Story By Kristie Wright

I’ve been living under my belt 14 years under Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. Everything started in a difficult marriage after 18 years and half a dozen operations to deal in my early 1930s with endometriosis, which led to a complete hysterectomy. It was a difficult journey, and the most frustrating part apart from the pain is that healthy people around us can not begin to understand the daily fight.

We can only understand how much thinking and effort goes into decisions and activities every day and how it can affect our bodies. I have recently gone to a lighting for a Christmas tree, for which I wasn’t prepared, only to lie in bed three days to try and recover. There was too much walking, standing, noise, crowding for the already exhausted body. These are things we need to consider every day.

These suggestions which helped me to make a great difference, although it is still a struggle every day.

Chronic Illness Life Tips

— Check the levels of your vitamin D. Work with your doctor to find the right dosage for you if your levels are low. The drops are good to absorb with MCT oil in them. This is not a treatment, but it can affect the levels of pain.

— Get plenty of water to drink. I keep water with me always. I always keep water with me. It won’t reduce the pain, but your body needs muscle hydration.

— Remove caffeine. I know that is no fun, but caffeine improves the struggle or flight response many of us deal with every day. The tension in the body is added, and none of us need it. If you think you can’t – start cutting back or try half-caffeine coffee options. However, please do not drink energy drinks, for the love of all that is good in the world. The last thing you need is the tension in your body from the excess stimulation.

— Good food. Lean meat, veggies, fruit, or any healthy foods you don’t eat. Try to eliminate foods you think may trigger and see how you feel. It doesn’t mean to give up all and I don’t say loss of weight. Tell us what you had to eat in the days before, which might trigger. When you have a big flare.

At one point I had a huge flare that included an awful migraine. In the days before, I began to investigate the food I had eaten. I found out that itstamine and tyramine foods were high. I found out. Now I’m limiting my intake. I encourage you to look at this list if you suffer from migraines.

— Try to be minimal. If you have less to clean up and take care, may you ask how it helps but think about how it can make a difference. Sell or donate if you don’t use, wear or need it. It might be necessary in phases but it’s worth it. Purge your well-being and health. Under chaos, under stress.

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— Ladies: Consider a twin tool, such as hot tools or Revlon all in one stylist / drying tool if you are exhausted just trying to style your hair every day. My arms are still tired a lot, but the key is to let your hair dry and break if you need it. It’s much quicker and you’re not going to use tools to do the work. Invest also in a good dry shampoo or adorable hat for your days.

— If you have hair loss, check your thyroid first (which should really be checked on a regular basis anyway). If everything is right, make sure that your hair products are not skimped. I know it can be costly, but it’s an investment in your hair to use hair loss-free hair products. I changed and saw a difference to products which contained less chemicals and parabens. I will be using all-natural baby shampoos for a week when I really try to give my hair a break.

— Invest in a good sports bra or underwire-free bra also for the ladies. It is not easy to find a good person, but we are all aware of the miserable sense of having a bad bra hung all day long and of the impact on your skin and your pain. Ditch your bras that make you so awkward.

— Shoes!-Shoes! Invest in fine shoes, Lordy, please! Maybe you need to spend a little more, but thank you for your burning feet! Like the bra, it can cause so much discomfort for the wrong pair of shoes. It might not be fair that we can’t wear the cute pumps we used to wear, but instead we can find stylish, comfortable shoes that rock. Comfort shoe brands such as Dr. Scholl ‘s increase their game and make more stylish shoes. There they are. They ‘re out.

— Find clothes comfortable. We all know the miserable feeling of the clothing that is rubbing the skin or that feels confined and of the burning skin that is not conducive to our conditions. Do your clothing research that looks and feels good. Don’t settle for less.

– Treat yourself to chiropractic treatment or massage. Many don’t like to be touched, but it helps in the long run if you can get the knots away from these triggers. At first this wasn’t for me because I wanted to yell honestly when someone touched me. I cried for my first few massage meetings. But it was much more tolerable as time went on and the knots were looser. It is good to keep your backbone in line. I don’t let them touch my neck, however. I’m prone to migraines and I’m just not likely to have an adaptation of my neck. Try it at your level of comfort.

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— Tens Unit Invest. With the hip and upper back, this has helped me tremendously. The stimulation contributed to my muscles loosening the knots.

— Enlist help from your family in household tasks and use tools such as a lightweight vacuum or quicker mops. Or better still, if you can afford it, pay someone to come to the deep cleaning area once a month. You should not only bear responsibility for the maintenance of your home.

— Remain frequently. It seems simple, but you should listen to and stop pushing yourself to do more when you’re exhausted. You will feel the consequences of pushing beyond the endurance of your body. After we’ve been overdone, we all know about recovery 3-4 days. It seldom pays off.

— If you are tired of staying in the restaurant but you can not deal with the noise, lighting etc, visit the places to feel and feel in advance. Ideally, low lighting, no disgusting and not overpowered overhead music. It’s a sticking point with me, when I have energy, I try to go out, but it must be a place that will make me feel sensitive. The lighting, no overhead music and calm atmosphere in my favorite restaurants are dim.

— Don’t commit. As we all know, when the time comes, the energy you might think you’ve got for some days could change. Don’t go when the time comes and you can’t do it. If you can’t miss a hugely important milestone, get extra help. Rest before the event, get someone to drop you out at the door and do not walk; be sure that you’re wearing clothes and shoes. Plan ahead of the event to facilitate things for you. Find a climax of things that can help you enjoy your time better.

-Extension or yoga. I’ll be the first person to say I’m sick of people who say it’s a solution to all our problems, it’s not. Smooth stretches can help keep knots loose at the trigger point. Perhaps you’re like me and don’t want to do the whole yoga workout.

— Take a few minutes an hour if you work, and step off the screen. The over-stimulus only aggravates our body tension.

– Try CBD. Try it and a lot of the symptoms have been found tolerable.

— Think about essential oils. Again – this is not a cure, but I think that we can add some of them for good use to our arsenal. Peppermint oil and lavender are good for migraines or stress. When I cling to my teeth or get a migraine to relieve some of the symptoms, I use lavender, frankincense, and peppermint.

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— IMPORTANT: Find a healthcare professional who takes care and has chronic pain. I know that you say more easily than you did, but you don’t want a supplier who does not care or care for you. You will never make your door dark once again if you leave your office feeling like it is all in your head. Please advocate and find a service provider in your corner.

— Don’t beat yourself, last but not least. Days are hard enough if you don’t feel guilty or beat for what you haven’t done. Make a list and celebrate the things you’ve done. Take it at small intervals, or try tomorrow, if anything is to be tackled. However, first listen to your body.

This is not an easy road, but some small changes can help and big differences can be created by the small things. Explore the possibilities of those. Keep living easy in areas you can for yourself. Continue the good warriors of struggle. So much love to send!


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