Chronic Pain Story By Krissy

Chronic Pain Story By Krissy

I know you think probably, “I have chronic pain, I’m in trouble now, why should I go and seek that? You probably think? “Well, there can be no cooperation between growth and comfort. You empower yourself and learn more about who you are every time you seek discomfort. I decided to book a solo international trip to Thailand after inspiring myself by the movement ‘Yes theory’ which encourages people to say ‘yes’ for doing things that will take them out of their comforts, as individuals. Sounds insane. Sounds insane, right? Everyone in my family thinks that … All but my mom, well. She knows that I’m insane lol already.

Going alone on this trip is the one worst thing I have ever done.

In a country where I don’t even speak the language, I shall be so far away from the safe space. There is not even a long flight and Fibromyalgia in the same sentence. But I DO NOT allow fear and fibromyalgia to win the war. And now they can win (a bit, indeed), but they’re NOT going to win the war.

I ask you to do the same while I start my journey of looking for discomfort. Say yeah to certain things you would usually guess second or talk out of. Say yes to request a date for your crush. Say yes, leave this job and make your dream come true. Say yeah to move around the country. Say yes to try a new solution. Say yes. Say yes to the party. Say yes. Tell yourselves “yes” to try new foods.

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You can feel stagnant and stagnant while staying comfortable. Going with me on this journey will leave you less sorry for the next struggle and keep you on your toes. We ‘re warriors, never forget. Let’s represent that! Let’s represent it! Beginning today, you start looking everywhere for discomfort and know that I am right with you, frightened that I’m going to seek my own discomfort. It’re going to be frightening, but worth it so.

That’s just the start. My objective is to inspire you guys to say yes to all of life. The search for discomfort is a way of life. I can’t wait to share with you my trip, and I can’t even hear of you.

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