Definition of Fibromyalgia by Fibro Patients

Definition of Fibromyalgia by Fibro Patients

By: Dr Alex Robber

Fibromyalgia is a perfect day to day reason to live. If you are waking up and able to move, make the most of it. If you wake up and are unable to move, then don’t. Get some rest, read a book and watch a film. Maybe it’s not what you want, but that’s what you must do for the day. It’s a new day tomorrow and may well be different from yesterday. Thank you for having you tomorrow, because many people are not. I know when you’re in constant agony, it’s hard to feel that way, but there’s always something positive to do every day.

Few terms to explain how horrible it is, it’s a living hell, it makes you feel like I don’t have any more time. But we’ve collected only a few of the explanation of pain that our members tell us below.

Here’s what they share with us:

  • Gloom, despair and agony on me; deep dark depression, excessive misery! For those that get it…humor is the best medicine! It keeps me positive and relaxes me so I can put the excruciating pain aside for a moment. -Carol 
  • Fibromyalgia; nobody could make this stuff up! – Karen
  • Fibromyalgia – a name that means nothing now a days. To many other conditions and diseases all just put under one name. – Hannah
  • Constant Charlie Horses all throughout your body anywhere at any time.
  • I call it Diablo Syndrome or the Devils disease. It’s hell sometimes. – Danielle
  • Feeling like you have the flu all the time. – Jill
  • In places you shouldn’t and wouldn’t normally get Charlie horses! – Vickie
  • Random migraines, discrimination, walking on lava and nails, nonstop stress, never sleeping to the point of being a zombie, extremely sweaty or frozen in seconds, spraining everything, being hit by a semi and thrown over an embankment while suffering from severe flu. Anger and resentment that my life’s hell 24/7. – Ambrose
  • Fibromyalgia feels like someone threw you down a flight of stairs. -Laurie
  • Like a toothache all over. – Denise
  • Like having been ran over by a bus, sore very sore. – Kay
  • Just referencing pain – haven’t tried Lyrica. I felt relatively good in the morning. I spent the afternoon with friends. After getting back home it was like every muscle was contracting and I was extremely tired. – Linda
  • Pain from top your head to end toenails and places u didn’t know exist, Crucial pain. – Patricia
  • It is like sitting on the Electric chair. – Stephanie
  • Pain from head to feet! Plus, Fatigue! – Angela
  • Pain everywhere and fatigue feel I’ve been run over by a bus!!! – Marian
  • Every day different pains, moods, feelings…. different everything – Stef
  • Pain from head to toe inside your bones. – Paula
  • Pain through your entire body, exhaustion, dizziness, fibro-fog, rashes, worsening asthma, lung infections, IBS. – Joan
  • A fatigued, bruised body with a depressed mind. -Tina

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