Do you feel as if the "chronic disease thief" had been taken from a "health hostage?"

Do you feel as if the “chronic disease thief” had been taken from a “health hostage?”

Inmate in my body — that is exactly what I felt after a car accident for too many years. As I fought with the disastrous effects of fibromyalgia and light brain trauma, I called myself a “health hostage.” I was a health hostage.

The management of my physical signs took my painful days — and my sleepless nights. Sometimes, I felt I didn’t have life — and I didn’t feel like living the life.

But, most importantly, I’ve been able to get from this rabbit hole combining my personal experience with FM and my clinical skills as a licensed psychotherapist. I know how to go down into deep disability.

But the most surprising things that pulled me out of that rabbit hole awaited me beyond my clinical abilities. My two Xoloitzcuintli, Toaster and her three-legged, hairless daughter, Pink, were freeing me from the ‘Chronic Illness Thief.’

Toaster took me through a leash on a road that took me out of my depression and impotence by offering me something more than my misery. She transformed my lives and all my journey, filled with unconditional love, with my weaker conditions and through them.

Not only did my valuable Pink inspire me, but she demonstrated me how to redefine myself, how to define my condition, and how to do, in just a different way. She again gave me hope more than Toaster, as I looked at her answer to her disability: her back leg amputation at one age. Talk about the choice of “Health Hostage” by becoming a three-legged dog!

When she discovered that she couldn’t saw her couch right after her amputation, she did not lie down and mother on the floor. Rather, she found out how to use what she had to use to leverage to get up on the couch: her only back leg, by trying and failing and ultimatively trying and succeeding. And this was a solid leg! Pink was so inspired by me that as the first book in the series of her children’s books, I wrote her story, Pink, The 3-Legged Dog Who Lost Her Leg and Found Her courage;

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What made my difference the most significant thing was to see Pink and me as we experienced our distress on all four levels: our body, spirit, emotions, and the spirit.

I realized that Pink did not seem to feel any worry about losing her bee, as opposed to the anguish, suffering and pain I had for years before Pink came into my life. She didn’t act as though she was less than who her four legs used to be. She never cried, she became depressed and ride the coaster emotions and thoughts that turned my head into self-doubt, impotence, and depression.

No, Pink did just differently what she did before amputation. Within days of amputation, Pink was full of joy; she never gave up doing what she wanted. Her love of life, as a three-legged dog, was exuded by Pink.

As I looked at how Pink and Toaster responded to their own physical problems as they aged, it became obvious for me how greatly our psychological as well as our physical experience of our condition affects the lack of emotional , mental and Spiritual Healing. That is, our minds and emotions affect our physical pain experience.

The freeing of the health hostage requires one to transform the emotional , mental and spiritual levels of his relationship with their condition regardless of the physical organism, however, don’t be surprised if it improves!

This is a workout for you to begin this transformation.

7 Steps of Hope and Healing


It’s the first step since you can’t get away from the Chronic Illness Thief without awareness! TM You are aware of the (emotional) feelings you have, of what you think of (spiritual) and if your Higher Self, Spirit or whatever name you use is connected to (spiritual). This is where your power comes from. You must know where you are trapped and how it is in your life.

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For example, on an emotional level, what change has changed your overall perspective on life, even slightly? Are you “captured” by how you feel, given your health, forced to live your life? Do you live “in your body imprisoned,” and maybe you don’t leave the house as often as you want?

This sort of reflection — in this example an inner appreciation of your emotional world — opens your eyes to the effects of your body being taken away. Consciousness is the first step through the chains that imprison you (symptoms).

So, Are You a Health Hostage?

Do you feel a hostage to your health in your answers to question # 1? Maybe you described your life already as being trapped. In the next step, you will increase the strength of your new awareness by realising, defining it and therefore understanding it more.

You may want to talk, meditate, or talk about how you feel trapped in your body, trapped in a diagnosis, physical conditions, and hopelessness with others. You can choose to use this awareness to transform your relationship to your health when you figure out how you are doing like a health shop. This is freedom.

One Chain Link at a Time:

Choose to remove a link with this consciousness from those chains. Choice is the ultimate strength because consciousness can bring more distress, depression and anxiety than what you have experienced wide with your eyes if you are aware of this, but do not act on it. And here’s not the purpose!

Assess your own answers to your increased awareness. Are there one of the three areas that seem to make you more like a health hostage (emotional , mental and spiritual?)? HUGE! Don’t start that one! Begin with the easiest choice, step forward and succeed. What can you do to take your “get out” card and release you in the area that you’re feeling least like a prisoner today (which is only 24 hours)?

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For example, if you’re in a spiritual sphere the least affected area of your life, think of ways that you used to be spiritually, that were more connected to your experience of spirituality. Have you for instance stopped at a Sunday’s spiritual center? Consider committing yourself to a service this week or listening to your favorite spiritual instructor’s live stream online. Most spiritual centers offer their services live streaming. That’s, hey, it’s not until Sunday you have to wait. You can start from 1 to 5 a.m. at any time. If you’ve got insomnia!

Progress Not Perfection:

It is often easy to give up if you feel like a health hostage rather than take off one chain link. However, according to the renowned philosopher Lao Tzu, “the 1 000-mile journey starts at one step.”

Wait one day and look back upon what you wrote or thought about in this workout after spending time on the training. Think about what you found out. Think of how one step, or perhaps already another, you have taken.

Jail Break Payoff:

Look forward to make a new choice, to take action and to make a difference in your life. Every step to your escape, no matter how small or big!

Rinse and Repeat:

Follow steps as above shared at each level in your own pace (emotional, mental and spiritual).

Break Out a Friend!

Tell anyone about your experience and make a difference in your life.

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