"Fibro Safe Haven" A Home That Loves Every Fibromyalgia Patient

“Fibro Safe Haven” A Home That Loves Every Fibromyalgia Patient

The onset of fibromyalgia is preceded fairly often by a trauma to the body. “Soft” traumas such as bright lights, loud noise, crowds, weather changes etc. often trigger fibro flares. After suffering with hyper-chemical sensitivity to environmental toxins since the young age of 9, I believe I and others with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) are like “toxin detectives.”

For starters, I often have to ‘change direction’ during outdoor events or even outside in my own yard, as exposure to dryer sheet pollutants or synthetic laundry fragrances wafting from nearby laundry vents will make me sick. And because I do have serious fibromyalgia, I am 100 per cent certain of the link between exposure to toxins and deteriorating symptoms of fibro.

The important point to understand is that people with MCS react to toxic substances, and these toxins we react to are also unhealthy for people who do not have MCS, and, I believe, especially for those who have fibro.

Make your environment fibro-friendly

And what do you do when home is dangerous to your safety because of various facets of the world in which you work every day? Instead of letting your home become an obstacle course, make it fibro-friendly! That may sound easier said than done, but you can take simple steps to create an environment that is conducive to the lifestyle needed to reduce pain and minimize triggers and pitfalls.

Minimize stress at home

Unfortunately, because of their suffering, many patients who suffer from debilitating suffering find themselves spending more time in the house than they would prefer. But being at home because of your pain doesn’t mean that despite your pain, you can’t take steps to make your home life more pleasant. With a few changes in lifestyle and tweaks to your home life, you can minimize your pain and make you feel more relaxed and comfortable at home.

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Hire a housekeeper

If the state of your home adds to your stress level, hire a housekeeper. If you’re concerned about the cost of hiring a housekeeper, consider the factors affecting your price including the size of the space she ‘d be cleaning, how often she ‘d be cleaning, and how cluttered your home is. You can be shocked to discover that if you keep them tidy and free of clutter, a housekeeper can clean places that are impossible for you to clean on a weekly basis, for a low flat rate; for example, certain housekeepers clean bathrooms every week but leave the majority of the cleaning to the homeowner.

Home has become your safe haven

Either out of need or desire, those living with the fibromyalgia symptoms spend more time in their homes than the normal adult. It could be due to the pain, flare-ups and tiredness that hinders excursions, running errands and various outdoor activities; or possibly due to the fact that you don’t work outside the home or that home has become your safe haven.

Spend more time with family

We should spend quality time with every single member of our family. The mom often spends time with her children and forgets to spend time with her spouse (or doesn’t see the importance). Don’t forget to spend time with your family on price.


Formaldehyde is only one of the cancer chemicals which contribute to our toxic environment. Every day many people are introduced to it, and don’t even know it. It’s often part of the smell of new cars, new clothes, carpets and body products. We have to be able to make changes and not get so addicted to items that can potentially contribute to the intensity of our symptoms of fibromyalgia.

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Show unconditional love to your family

Unconditional love can flourish if we allow your humanity to our children. I don’t know about you, but most of the days my humanity is faulty, messy and frustrating. I mess up with the same things over and over again, and often! I know what comes from expecting perfection from me, and that’s not a good thing (unless you like shame and self-doubt as a motivator).

Adjustments you can make to your home

Much of the activities we do on a regular basis include a certain amount of stretching, pushing, raising, and dragging, both causing discomfort and sometimes contributing to flare-up. You can make adjustments to your home and your movements, as well as tools you can acquire to make life easier and create a safe haven for yourself.

Use in the kitchen for example a stool while preparing food or cooking. If you feel more relaxed standing, try using a footstool to put your foot on it and move your weight during the task. You can use the same stool to step up to reach items on the shelves, and if you need to stand to sort the laundry or iron in your laundry room.

Set an atmosphere of godly transparency

Our home should be encouraging, accountable and transparent. They would be the first to say, “I’m facing this” or, “I’ve sinned and I’m sorry” If people in our household have a openness they ‘re more likely to share whether they’re sad , angry, in error, or need assistance. We shouldn’t be above asking for help from the people in our home even if it looks small and small.

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Assign certain drawers

It’s all down to planning to create a less chaotic atmosphere in your household. Some days a flare-up, complete with fibro fog, can pose a challenge to even the simplest of tasks. That is why I assign certain drawers where the essential is kept and each item is placed in the exact same spot so I don’t have to think about where to look.

My bathroom drawer, for example, is organized so that the toothpaste tube is always at exactly the same spot, the night cream on the left and my medicine in the middle. Sounds simplistic, but those of you who understand fibro fog know how even the tiniest details on a day of fog can fade from your mind.


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