Great Mattress for Patients with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Illness

Great Mattress for Patients with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Illness

A fibromyalgic patient suffers from wide-spread pain, extreme sensitivity, stiffness, tinder spot, fatigue and cognitive problem. It also takes patient energy levels down and makes it much more challenging to deal with the everyday struggles he / she faces. A good night’s sleep is required to help with these effects of the chronic condition and deal with its complications, since it decreases discomfort and fibrofog as well. But for the patients the luxury of getting a good sleep isn’t. They benefit for it because it is vital to their illness recovery.

In patient’s search for a decent night’s sleep, a right form of mattress will play a major part.The different kinds of mattresses that support Fibromyalgia patients include multiple contouring products such as memory foam and silicone pillow pressure points, Sleep Amount pad, and Tempur-pedic. So to get the idea that what kind of mattresses are popular among fibromyalgia patients, we asked the fibromyalgia community “Why Fibromyalgia” to share their preferences and mattress-related suggestions that are best suited to relieving pain. Hundreds of members took part in the activity and were sharing their suggestions with us. There are few of their answers listed in this article. Here are the few tips on mattress to relieve discomfort, mattress to help you sleep peacefully.

Here is what community share with us related to Mattress:

1. I’ve got a shady water pillow, a big investment for me.

2. Just got a dual air sleep number. Start loving it! – If I need it to be easier or tougher, I can change the settings. Best-ever decision! – Joann

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3. Tempur-pédique! Pillows, more pillows. – Jacqueline

4. Memory foam cooling pad. – Dana-Dana

5. Serta ‘s adjustable icomfort. Love. Love this. – Brenda

6. Recently got a mattress with a tuft and a comb. Firm, and refreshments. Until that I got a bobopedic memory foam and my suffering was so bad I wasn’t going to sleep for days. Now I’m sleeping on this new bed better, but it’s still too firm a touch and hurting my back, hips and shoulders. Thought to ask the organization if they have any ideas, and give out a free topper! Let’s hope that helps. I do have 4 pillows in which I sleep and put where I need them, and some squish mallow stuffed animals that are perfect for sore neck placement, propelling my arm when it hurts, etc.

7. Platinum Beauty Rest with foundation customizable for sleeping. Best ever Matress! Crush proof Underneck Walmart blanket. Three additional pillows for protecting the neck and aligning it. Bedbase has vibratory that promotes neuropathy. Zero sleep apnea gravity, hypertension, etc.-Jimmie

8. I have one of those pillows that wrap around you during pregnancy. Highest Deal ever. I am doing a lot better. – Tina Miles

9. Firm sprung orthopedic Sealey mattress, memory foam topper, 1 very soft feather pillow mixed with 2 slight firmer to try and avoid ear and head allodynia waking me up. Cushion for the knee to rest on, cushion for the arm to rest on since having surgery for breast cancer when lying on one side. There are as many pillows as there is for my body mass lol. – And Annie

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10. I’ve got a mattress sleep number, with a two inch memory foam that helps keep me calm. Hubby got me a pillow of memory foam that it cools to the touch. My back had never looked any better. I still get sweating out of my eyes at night. I spray my t-shirt around my neck and it gets down to my knees occasionally. – Charaoh

11. I have 2 hard memory foam pillows to use and a cushion between my hands. The one I am using now is memory foam from Serta. – Sainte Valdez

12. Tried 3 mattresses my new hybrid dormeo is the best but my sleep is shit. – Debbie’s

13. A 12 ft U pillow from Amazon is the best thing I have ever bought for my fibro. It has so much support it is incredible. – Honey

14. I’ve got an orthopedic mattress and a “look like down” pillow …. If I sit anywhere else and it’s all new I get up feeling horrible and not sleeping really good. – Katie-Katie

15. We bought a mattress made by Puffy Lux. It was time we had a fresh bed long past. It is a fantastic room. Ideal and supportive. – Virgin Mary

16. I have all cotton made mattress Natura memory and I sleep on 4 bamboo and 2 goose down pillows with flannel sheets and a goose down duvet. – Sherry

17. Gel soaked 4′′ mattress topper with memory foam …. I have that on top of our Wal-Mart memory foam mattress and then on top of that on my bedside I have a 2′′ gel memory foam topper. My side looks funny, it’s super high, hubby calls it the hill, but I can’t put any pressure on my back or I’m in a lot of pain.

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18. Only purchased the 4-inch Lucid topper at Amazon on discount. – With Jennifer

19. I have a great Sleeper Serra and I’m pleased with it!! I think I’m doing fine short of an adjustable bed!!. – Cloe

20. I bought a cool gel memory foam mattress online last week, it’s 8 cm, slept on it for 3 nights now and it’s beautiful, I have Bursitis and torn tendons in both hips and shoulders and it’s really helped with the pain. — Diana

21. I use the topper on My Pillow mattress. I put it on my old bed, and I had it for eight or nine years and I love it. It stopped much of my pain in the hip and shoulder. – Missie About

22. I like my Restonic @LAST. The foundation is solid but the top layer is squishy. It is a small memory foam pad. Sufficient to be comfortable but not enough to restrict movement like Tempurpedic- Kellie

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