Have You Ever Heard About the Seven Dwarfs of Fibromyalgia

Have You Ever Heard About the Seven Dwarfs of Fibromyalgia?

For this post, we attempted to cover the seven fibromyalgia dwarfs. Here we’ve mentioned them in the information.


Lack of sleep will transform the strongest ray of sunshine into a bit more than a damp squib. A cocktail of medications that make your life more tolerable will even scarily alter the way you communicate with others. Whether it’s the withdrawal symptoms of a drug, the side effects of starting new tablets, or just the spaced-out demeanor associated with severe pain killers. Medications may have a major impact on attitude, often for the best, often for the worst.


Days of debilitating sleep frequently develop into weeks, leaving fibrous sufferers in a semi-zombie-like condition. Like zombies we walk slowly and we groan and desperately need brains as ours is often on vacation (not to eat like a normal zombie.) We may also look pale and withdrawn, I can assure you if there’s rotting flesh falling from us – that’s when you’re worried.

The easiest way to explain fibro fatigue is to picture a plug being pulled out of the center of the charge. The electricity is depleting fast and you need to reboot, but the plug is being pulled out again. The ‘fee’ would never hit 100 per cent. For me, my body rarely operates on more than 60 percent, although more frequently than not, it’s fewer than 15 percent. Like a low-battery cell, we have to determine how to use this strength. Should we use 5% on a picture that’s done up? And two percent on moving around the house? Do we have room for a half hour break to power up up to 30% before going out and exhausting the battery completely?

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Everything talks for itself. The main complaint about fibromyalgia and many other chronic and/or invisible diseases is pain. The suffering is all day, every day. Fast, ever-lasting discomfort. It’s the time I get up to the moment I go back to sleep. For many people with a chronic illness, including myself, suffering is the only comfort of our lives. Although it’s often different from one day to the next, the one thing that can be relied on is that it’s going to be there in some way , shape or form.


I’m living my life in a continual state of anxiety. I ‘m worried with everything and everything. I ‘m concerned about strangers I’ve never met before. My imagination concocts the most mysterious scenarios, and so I have to think about them. The chances of dinosaurs coming back and chasing me through the streets are fairly negligible, but my imagination has worked out what I’d do if the scenario actually happened.

Shakey & Dizzy 

They ‘re twins who always come hand in hand. While they sound like a friendly DJ couple headlining in the popular club in the middle of the week, they ‘re no pleasure. They ‘re all using the same line. We make the floor sound like an earthquake, so I’m the only person to sense it. My body is in a constant glow, so I’m not freezing. When she falls down the rabbit hole, I felt like Alice.

It’s all spinning and twirling around me. The floor twists and bellows under my feet, and I have to fight and save myself from dropping. I wibble about, almost unlike gelatin. Dealing with nausea and dizziness always reminds me of jumping on a ferry. The floor swings and it’s shaky, so I continue to try to disregard it and brace myself in light of everything I see all around me.

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Fibro fog lets it seem like I’ve got the IQ of a really dumb dung beetle. I had dumb thoughts, I forgot what had happened throughout the day, and I even forgot how to write my name. Before leaving the house, I forgot to brush my teeth. I am still unable to focus for longer than a few minutes at a time while basic things take hours. Writing this post, for example , took almost 2 hours. I’m losing sight of the story in the Rugrats video! Fibro fog has turned my subconscious into a lumpy mulch.


It’s a perk, and I hope it’s pretty simple. These was the various physicians, the rehab, the physio, the chiropractic treatments and all other professional services that we all have to meet.

If you can connect these dwarfs, share with your friends and relatives, and let us know in the comments regarding your thoughts on this post.

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