Helpful tips for a healthy mind for mental health & chronic pain

Helpful tips for a healthy mind for mental health & chronic pain

Life is difficult. There’s no ifs, ands. You throw balls in curve and sometimes they get out of the left. One of these balls is a diagnosis of a chronic condition for some of you reading this.

As a mental-health counselor, I can talk about the brutality and way in which this can affect our happiness and have a negative effect on our mental health as a fellow fibro warrior.

A study conducted by NBCI studied depression and suicidality rates in 3 groups: a controlled group, a lower back pain group, and a fibromyalgia group. They found suicide ideation and suicide risk in patients with fibromyalgia (NBCI) to be significantly higher. The pain intensity and physical health of the groups were similar, but the severity and mental health status of the patients with fibromyalgia (NBCI) were significantly worse.

Given this information, it is obvious that the chronic patients are facing major mental health challenges and can lead to suicidal thoughts and events. It is important that you stay in tune with your mental illness, thoughts, patterns and behavior if you fall in the category of chronic illness. Do you have more sleep? Lower motivation to experience? Do you have negative ideas? Have you once loved decreased interest in hobbies? Irritability? Hear yourself, mind and body. Listen. And most importantly, know it’s all right to look for support.

Helpful Tips:


Cognitive therapy has been proven to support not only the symptoms of depression but also the symptoms of anxiety and sensory problems associated with Fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases. If you wish to find professional advice and support during this trip, it is easy to go to and read profiles of the therapist to find the best therapist. Some therapists may offer free consultation for 30 minutes before they can undertake the best evaluation services.

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Call 911 or the national suicide prevention lifeline at 800-273-TALK for immediate needs and assistance in emergencies.


Make yourself active. Although it’s only about 20-30 minutes a day. Exercise is the BEST medicine, I ‘m telling you. Listen to your body and see what that day can do. A short stroll? A cycling trip? A fast jogging? Do you like yoga? Do you play outside with your children? Mental and physical health is critical for any movement incorporated into your daily routine.

Support System:

At least one person in your life can be identified by you, I challenge you. Chronic pain and illness cannot be open and vulnerable because of the fear of judgment or incomprehension. Confide in me, I receive it. But it is so important to be able to trust and trust one person so that you do not have to bear the burden yourself.

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