Housekeeping With Fibromyalgia

Housekeeping With Fibromyalgia

Keeping a home is always a chore, but it can be the source of an inflammatory symptom that puts you out for days or even weeks in people with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain problems. This makes developing technologies that help them complete their tasks without excessive time and energy expenses all the more important. If your housekeeping tricks repertoire is low, do not be afraid we offer tips from patients with FM who have found ways to ease housekeeping.

In the Bathroom

It also make life much easier for people with multiple chemical sensibilities by relying on a small number of cleaning products and simplifying housing cleaning. The trick is to find the best cleaner for you. Alice Hart, FM patient, for example, relies on spray Scrubbing Bubbles to clean up her bathroom. “Wipe the towel off with an old towel, and it’s all gently clean, and smells marvelous,’ says she. ‘I spray it over the toilet. “In 10 minutes, I ‘m done.”

You may not need a cleaning product in some parts of the bathroom. Tampa, Fla., Patti Hutcheson uses shower steam for clean knicks and other decors. She uses a towel to wipe her knickknacks dry after she’s done bathing and look clean and fresh. She also simplified inside the bathroom cleaning: she scrubbed the bath first, then took a shower cleaner and rinsed the bathroom.

“One night I clean the bathroom, then another night’s toilet and washroom,” she adds. “It is all right to break up the bathroom work and not all at once.”

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Raise and Bring

Mich, found an indispensable folding metal shopping cart. Before she goes out to the grocery store, she puts the cart in the back of her car and then readies to take up her food directly in her kitchen. Also, when she is out on a trip, she relies on the cart to carry trash bags or even bags. She also took her to the laundry room to transport her clothing.

Washing can be a great burden to lift, bend, and straighten those who are challenged. A thick loop of nylon rope attached to the handle of his laundry basket, bruce King living in Seattle, can easily pull it over his tapestry and in the laundry room. “In the first basket I even managed to make a good balance, and insert in between my clothes small plastic containers for soap, bleach etc., so I don’t have to work my arms to tote them either,” he adds.

On the other hand, Marian Chapman had a system to transport her washroom upstairs. She lifts the basket, sits a few steps before it on a staircase and then ascends to it. Till she reaches the second floor she repeats the process. “It’s easier to do this … than trying to carry the cart weight up the stairs at the same lime with my body weight,” she explains. The husband of Nancy Smith placed in her laundry area a small table that prevented her from bending down to size clothes.

Smith places them into a washing basket hung up on top of another basket when he takes clean clothes from its dryer, so that they are elevated to a convenient height for her. For example, she also delegates certain tasks, with her son or husband carry the washing upstairs in order to put it away; or she cleans the whole thing except the tapestry and asks her husband or son when they come home to take the vacuum. “My family found that if they helped, they would have more quality time for me. “As soon as we get done, we can spend time together sooner.”

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Me and Kitchen

Repeated motions by bending and lifting cooking-opening jars can exacerbate FM symptoms. The good news is that there are numerous tools and adaptive devices for easing these tasks. For example, one patient with an FM depends on the shelf liners (the thicker, plastic type used on or under the shelves) and the bracelets. If a jar is opened with this method, put the jar on a part of a rack and use another part to hold it. ‘Then wrap the clamps grip around the lid and twist the plastic handle.

A massive drainage of energy can be found on the stove to stir or at the counter to chop. Why not sit down to do the job? In the food preparation area, place a tall stool, and sit down to conserve your energy and prepare a meal. You might also like to invest in ergonomic instruments that can make repetitive motion easier. Christine Omer uses an ergonomic knife for chopping vegetables, “she says along with the” Reacher “tool, it keeps my handle better in a position, and seems to give me more cuts.”

Personal Care

Think outside of the box to facilitate daily tasks. For example, why not brush your teeth in a kitchen sink if your washroom is so low that you must bend it to use? Use a pillow or two to coat the surface underneath you if you are sitting. Store things, even if you want to buy polished furniture bottles, cleaners or window cleaners in bathrooms.

Determine if a warm shower helps you relax at night or restores stiffened muscles in the morning. (The best system for you might be to shower before and after bed!) Perhaps your pains will be easier to sleep with an electric blanket. (You also can use rice or wheat husks to fill your socks and pillowcases, make sure to shut your ending and heat them in the microwave for a couple of seconds.

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Keep in mind that caring for your home also means looking after you. Monitoring the energy level and stabilizing flares through the use of tools and design thinking will help you to feel better and keep your home looking great.

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