How I Relief My Pain from Vitamin D

How I Relief My Pain from Vitamin D

A recent study published in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases found that substitution therapy of vitamin D improved musculoskeletal symptoms, depression, and quality of life for chronically spread patient patients.

Chronic widespread pain (CWP), which lasts for at least three months, is defined as the pain. The distribution of pain throughout the body and the intensity of the increased pain are different to localized pain. Patients with CWP are more likely to experience depression, fear and lower quality of life. CWP affects physical and psychological health.

CWP is very common and affects about one person in five. Its severity and symptoms however vary considerably. Fibromyalgia is the most serious form of CWP. Fibromyalgia has a variety of diagnostic qualifications, including at least 11 tender points. Tender points are areas that are far more sensitive than others and that cause pain when they are affected.

Vitamin D helps keep your muscle strong and decreases inflammation. The combination led researchers to conduct a randomized controlled trial in which vitamin D supplementation found that musculoskeletal pain was significantly reduced. In addition, several randomized controlled studies found that vitamin D is an effective antidepressant.

Researchers performed a study on the effects of vitamin D supplementation on CWP patients based on evidence from previous studies.

The study included 58 vitamin D-deficient CWP patients defined by a minimum level of 25 ng / ml. For three months all vitamin D3 patients received 50,000 IU weekly.

Researchers have evaluated pain and weaknesses before and after treatment with Vitamin D, energy, depression, quality of life and patient satisfaction.

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Here are the researchers’ findings:

• Average levels of vitamin D increased significantly from 10.6 ng / ml and 46.5 ng / ml prior to vitamin-D therapy (p < 0.001 respectively).

• After treatment significantly improved pain, physical weakness, depression and energy (p<0.001).

• 30 patients had fibromyalgia skills before treatment. This number decreased markedly to 20 after treatment ( p = 0.013).

• 85% of the patients have reported satisfying themselves with the treatment of vitamin D.

The researchers concluded,

‘Through 3-month replacement treatment, muscleskeletal symptoms have been reduced, depressed and patients with unspecified CWP and vitamin D deficiency increased their quality of life. Vitamin D deficiency patients with FM or CWP should be examined.

You went to the country,

“Vitamin D deficiency patients with FM or CWP should be examined. Oral vitamin D3, 50,000 IU per week, is considerably effective and safe for 3 months in vitamin D deficiency replacement treatment. “

The absence of a control group reduced the strength of the results of the study, which may result in a placebo effect. However, it is not often possible to buy vitamin D with any side effects and at very affordable rates. Therefore vitamin D is worth a shot for CWP patients. As usual, the council recommends that 5,000 IU vitamin D3 should be supplemented daily and that 25(OH)D levels should be tested after 2 months.

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