Invisible Illness Story be Shruti

Invisible Illness Story be Shruti

I even began to understand my invisible disease months and years ago, for friends and family. Here’s the thing – it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen because you haven’t heard of it previously or, actually, can not see it. There are two bits here at risk of simplification.

Just like a headache – no one can see, but you don’t have one. Also, nobody (except you or a doctor sometimes) can tell for sure why you are suffering from headache-dehydration, heat, coldness, can be a migraine, sinuses, stressful headache, sleep deficiency, etc., you can get drift.

Similarly, there are many triggers, sometimes unknown, that cause pain in people with invisible diseases.

Now imagine every day headaches — sometimes mild and sometimes awful. How do you feel that? Cranky, upsetting, overwhelmed, hard to work and ready for pain relief (people with migraines will be familiar with that)?? So also for people suffering from invisible diseases.

Now imagine, I told you that your headaches don’t have to cure and you’ve got ta manage to keep on having one – some days wearable, some days medication works, some days it doesn’t work. Physiotherapy or water therapy some days works and nothing works other days. Again – also for persons with invisible disease

Finally , consider how you could feel during the days when your system was designed to minimize your pain, when you feel like your old self. How would you feel? How would you feel? The same goes for people with invisible disease, happy, exhilarated, relieved, normal.

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These are the days where you would like to do something ordinary — meet the people, work a bit, play a while, spend the day … Now, imagine someone who has met you this day who refuses to think that every single day is possible, because,

Hey! That day, you looked okay.

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