Its Possible to Have an Easy Shopping While You Have Fibromyalgia

Its Possible to Have an Easy Shopping While You Have Fibromyalgia

Get More Done With Less Pain and Exhaustion

Shopping gets worse because you’re having fibromyalgia. The cold weather can cause added discomfort, but as you cover up, the weight of extra clothing will also induce more pressure and aches. Then there are the brain fog and memory problems. However, it is difficult to stop shopping at all.

If you’re in need of food, holiday or birthday presents, clothes, or something else, it seems there’s always some sort of shopping trip around the corner. Although for those of us with these situations, each form of shopping comes with its own possible risks, they have a lot in common that we can learn to handle. It will probably not make shopping trouble-free, but it can help to lessen its impact on you.

1. Making a list and checking it twice

Creating an easy-to – follow list of who you need to shop for and keeping it with you when you leave the house allows you to tackle shopping whenever there is a moment. Out for a quick errand and get some energy? Swing into department store and buy items on your list for one guy.

2. Keep a log of what you bought and for whom.

This will keep your memory straight about checking everyone off your list and knowing whose name to put on which tag when you start wrapping every item. I’ve looked at my pile of gifts so many times to wrap and don’t have any memory of who gets what present.

3. Good posture

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You might be hunching over and not even know when you’re shopping or wandering around. Be aware of the way you position your spine when you are standing. Standing up straight avoids straining the knees which avoids any back pain.

4. Wrap a present or two every week or every day.

When I buy them, I’m very bad at wrapping presents, or at least not waiting until the last minute. I still wait until wrapping on Christmas Eve takes countless hours, which further adds to my exhaustion and causes me unbearable body pain. Standing hunched over hours-wrapping gifts, is too terrible for fibromyalgia. Spread all of your wrapping duties over several weeks or for at least a few days.

5. Places to Go Lists

If you need to put a check in the bank, mail a package, pick up your prescriptions and go to the grocery store, make sure you’ve got a list of all those things. It helps planning a route and putting all your stops in order.

6. Learn to say no.

It sounds simple enough but it’s so hard to do for some of us. But, if you find your to-do list is long and the festivities number out your rest moments, you need to pick the ones you can do and say no to the others. Some people aren’t going to understand, but you have to give yourself the gift of choice for the holidays and that could mean saying no.

7. Go to the store when it’s not usually busy

Go to the store when usually it’s not busy, like first thing in the morning during the week, or on Friday or Saturday night. Evite Sundays, that tend to be busy. If the supermarket is less busy, you’ll have to deal with shorter queues and fewer noise.

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8. Ask for help

When you can’t touch things that are too high or too low, call for support. Furthermore, staff at the grocery store will help you bag your groceries and load them into your car. Arrange for a family member or relative to help you carry your purchases indoors and set them away when you return home. Arrange your kitchen so you are within easy reach of anything you need.

9. Shop online

A couple of clicks and you can do so much, and it is delivered to your door. A number of grocery retailers and big-box retailers make a small fee for home delivery. Just submit your list and they’ll show up at your house with it. If you’re not sure if a delivery fee is worth it, compare it with what the gas would cost if you drove there and back, in addition to the physical price you ‘re paying. You can also check the fibro awareness online apparel store Here

10. Try to schedule shopping

Many of us suffering from these diseases have times of the day, week, or month better than others. Try scheduling shopping trips for your better times, wherever possible. Observe the time of day and month, too. If you want to get lost in crowds you don’t want to be just after 5 p.m. in a grocery store. Or the first month, when everybody’s in there. It is not recommended to go shopping on Black Friday, Christmas Eve or 26 December!

11. Shop when you can in small increments.

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Getting a good list would also benefit you. When after dropping the kids off at school you have a bit of time, go to one shop and check a few people off your mind. Basically, just keep pace.

12. Use motorized carts

For a good reason people like us have motorized carts in the stores, for whom shopping can cause pain and exhaustion. Don’t feel like you don’t have enough “disability” to use them! While shopping, it’s hard to use a cane or walker but if you don’t have to carry bags or push a cart, take it with you even if you don’t think you’ll need it that day. Sure better than sorry.

13. Find a grocery store in your area

Find a grocery store that offers delivery service in your area. Many local stores now allow you to order online and either have them delivered to your grocery stores or pick them up at the store. If this option isn’t available to your neighborhood grocer, check online stores such as Amazon Fresh and Instacart.

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