Much anticipated film "Fibromyalgia and the New Me" Released

Much anticipated film “Fibromyalgia and the New Me” Released

By: Dr Alex Robber interviewed the director and author of the latest fibromyalgia awareness film “Fibro and the Latest Me” with Mr. Ross Health He’s the writer and actor from Leyland Lancashire UK, her wife was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a couple of years ago, and many people don’t know what the disease is and what it’s about, so he decided to make a film of awareness called Fibro and the new me to help people understand and bring more knowledge.

After her wife was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Ross Heath read “Fibro and The New Me.” Having realized what, it can do to you, he wanted to raise awareness of it, so he decided to write and direct “Fibro and the new me.” Ross has saved his own money to make this film and doesn’t want to take advantage of it just to raise awareness and help people through the art of making films for all the spoonies out there.

Starring in “Fibro and the new me” is an actress Rebecca Morris who knows and has experiences with acute fibromyalgia and struggles with other disorders, but she has played the whole role perfectly and her dramatic performance has made this film what it is.

Dale Hooley is a wonderful actor who plays Matt on the screen partner and makes me very proud of her. He’s very creative and he’s also learned a lot about the condition with this film and has studied and that’s what I expected from him. His delivery was amazing, and Rahel Kapsaski, who played nurse Carol and Cj Livermore, who played Doctor Cole, did amazing work, studied the disease, and learned more.

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As well as the film when a doctor realizing as many doctors don’t want to reveal in this film on Ross Heath and I hope they see this and know and see this is how you should respond and support a patient not by disbelieving but by knowing it.

Perhaps people shouldn’t be punished by Fibro or other issues for having fibromyalgia they should be celebrated for the warriors they are. I hope this short film gives many people knowledge and support and shows others that there are people who understand.

I would like to thank all of my team, Rebecca Morris, Dale Hooley, Rahel Kapsaski, Salem Kapsaski and Raquel Davizz, who are dealing from Fibro themselves. You all make me proud but most of all I want to thank my wife as horrible as this disease is that she is still powerful in battling and fighting fibromyalgia and 1 good thing is that we can support others and battle Fibro together. Thank you.

So the movie was released earlier than expected and we have had a great reaction so far. Please watch and share the film to spread the word and get it out there as much as possible and thank you for raising awareness for this horrible disease disability. We hope this short film helps people and makes more people understand it, and I just want to thank everyone for supporting it, and particularly my wife Jane heath inspiration.

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