My Solo Fibro Trip to Thailand

My Solo Fibro Trip to Thailand

Well Warriors …. Well Warriors …. I just did it. I did it. I’ve gone to another country … By myself, an entire other continent. Even the “solo-cation” actually happened, I still can’t believe.

My whole family had been nervous for me weeks before departure; until the day it was time for me to board, I was not the least bothered. When I left my mum and went through airport security, I had tears in my eyes.

I found a note from my mother in my suitcase when I arrived in Bangkok and visited my hotel, telling me that I had the tools to solve all the challenges that I had. It was a very necessary note and just in time.

The 12 hour change in time made it hard to speak with the family so that the loneliness I felt definitely played a part. At first, the nights were a little rough. I’ve been a mess mentally for the first three days. I cried a lot and I didn’t really know the reason. It’s only been lone. But I had fun and insane adventures in the middle of the tears! Bangkok’s a busy city I was riding motorcycle taxis. At first they were pretty frightening, but I prefer them because we can snake through traffic. I woke up in Phuket on the fourth day to the most AMAZING view.

I sat on my balcony outside and was so thankful. On my bucket list, I checked off the items. For the first time I was riding a jet ski while going hopping in the Island, I was playing elephant and even I was playing pet tigers!

I decided to go out and have fun on my last day in Phuket. I’ve gone on the road to Bangla. My first bar had good music, but I left this crazy guy after he pushed his pot and caused a scene, and I grabbed my bottom. I ran into a youth group that also celebrated 30 years of age. You invited them to join. We chose and had a lot of fun to go to a popular night club. It felt like I always knew them.

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I learned so much about myself on this solo trip to Thailand. I’ve learned, while it is all right to be frightened, that I can’t fear.

My mother was right. My mother was right. I’m stronger than any obstacle I ‘m facing. I feel more confident. I feel more confident. I’m still a job, but I learn with the punches to roll. I spend so much mental energy that I seem to easily throw small life challenges at my head not to pay attention to fibromyalgia. But there’s shit, and I must be able to flow. I’m so hard on myself, and I have to start Krissy ‘s childhood. I was so angry that chronic disease would not let me live regularly, but … A regular life, I don’t want. I have also learned that the grass on the other side is always greener.

I can’t think I can say I’ve been on my solo trip to Thailand for my 30th birthday. Okay , okay?

Now I’ve got the Blues post-trip. It is high time I plan a new journey. Where should I go? Where should I go?

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