Persons with serious illness face difficulties because of Coronavirus epidemic

Persons with serious illness face difficulties because of Coronavirus epidemic

Outbreaks of infectious disease, such as coronavirus (COVID-19), can be worrying. This can affect your state of mind, your physical condition and your emotional state. Coronavirus affects the lives of people with various health conditions, either chronic or mental illness. The disease has directly or indirectly impacted all. It added the miseries for people with health issues. Coronavirus disease outbreak 2019 (COVID-19) may be harmful to humans.

We asked our group (Why Fibromyalgia) a question: “How does coronavirus epidemic impact your health? (Mental, physical). What challenges do humans encounter or encounter because of that. How difficult it is for our health. Many members shared their thoughts and underlined the stress factors caused by COVID-19 outbreak in their lives. Let me tell you, a fibromyalgia flare-up is related to pain.

To sum up, most of the responses here is a short summary. You may notice some of the following:

• Rising fear

• Feel stressed

• find yourself testing signs unnecessarily, in yourself or others

• Having sleeping problems

• feeling powerless or uncontrollable

• Get crazy thoughts

• become more irritable

• Psychiatric malaise

• Feeling insecure or anxious

• To fear that the virus could be normal aches and pains

Here is what community share with us related to coronavirus:

1. Absolutely stressful. I work in the service industry and we’re all open because nothing is going on. My paranoia goes through the roof and people around me get sick, so that I can’t even go to work. There are already 4 coworkers in voluntary quarantine. One waiting for a test site to let her go. The stress has caused fibro flares to get worse. — Kayla

2. Coronavirus has both physical and mental health consequences. I am a nurse and go to work. My anxiety levels go through the roof, my depression gets worse and my pain and tiredness gets massively increased. Owing to advice and inability to get through to Drs on the phone I quit ibuprofen having raised gabapentin. Difficult times for everyone but with this huge crisis we ‘re in, we all just have to try and stay positive. Stay safe for everybody. – Rhône

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3. I was very nervous that triggered my fibro-symptoms to flare up. Recently I purchased a Rubik’s cube, and it just helps me in pain so I did it like crazy. – Mary-Megan

4. I’m all right, I still have to go here for work to my city center so I can’t isolate so much, but my kids are probably going crazy. My son struggles 4k-Noelle

5. My main challenge is access to food. I ordinarily order delivery groceries … and there are significant delays now. I can’t go to the PT for two months, either. – Maggie

6. A Grocery shop cashier. Men just went mad. There is no interference for clients. But standing there without stretching or walking a little does affect something. I like a little stock face or a little clean. Will it hold me going. There are then customers who are so difficult to deal with. Better than normal. It puts you under a lot of heat. Had a daughter today. I am just beginning to search her things. She shouts to stop. Will you use the sanitizer before touching my things. I just stared at her. You probably didn’t see me doing that, then pointing to the bottle. Do they think they ‘re just touching the product? Hmm …… hmm. Sorry to be ranting. Hugs— Dena

7. My amount of tension is right through the edge. To me, not working is not a option until we close. I work in the Pre-School, and my palms are scratched and dried from too much cleaning. My nerves are still broken, and bare. Debi

8. My problem is that I like staying busy .. The less I concentrate on my suffering, or myself, the more distracted I am. I’m now stuck at home dwelling on the same issue. Watching the tv, reading Facebook accounts of people, seeing companies being shut down because of all this. Now I’m worrying because of all this, financial institutions and people will fail too much .. I’m not that preoccupied with catching it. I live in a very tiny region. I’m a guy with men. I couldn’t find men .. This stresses me out .. – Leslie

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9. I was out on a good cruise ship abroad. I relaxed and enjoyed the trip until the world locked in. I’ve worried a bit but acknowledged that my immune system is declining. So I kept myself calm, I got home. I have enough of isolation to get me through the 14 days. I ‘m going to be doing yoga, walking my dogs and eating healthy. – Emilia

10. For me, it doesn’t do amazing things. I’m pregnant and my hormones and feelings are still all over the place. My mother-in – law is here too- she was supposed to leave 4 days ago but she’s nervous and uncertain about what to do so she’s still here and it’s driving me up the wall as I’m working from home now. She ‘s good and she does it, but I’m still super on the verge and in agony, and I have a lot of breakdowns every day – Cat.

11. Last Friday she went to the doctor for cellulite and she asked me to go home because of coronavirus epidemic and keep home. I’m so sick of having to think about my kids who can’t help but be vulnerable when they’re at work. My health is one thing after another and I am sick of sickness. – Norris

12. I’m not too concerned about having coronavirus because I constantly wash my hands and practice social distancing & solitude, but I’m worried about how long my last roll of toilet paper will last. – Catrina

13. When everyone at home is nervous it doesn’t help. It’s playing anxiety on me. Tina: -Tina

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14. I worry and equate Pressure with that. I can’t help it, mostly. I have to postpone my holiday because I’ll actually forfeit the airfare because flight insurance doesn’t cover pandemic coronavirus (see figure). I was looking forward to hot, really. -Sandi

15. This is really frustrating, both emotional and physical exhausting. Sadly, first thing in the morning I have to take my son to a testing tent and pray he doesn’t have the coronavirus! Now do a lot of thinking and waiting! -Kacing

Few Suggestions to fight coronavirus:

• If you are on some prescription medications, make sure you’ve got plenty.

• Keep posted but set news and social media limitations

• Hang tight to your balanced habits

• Stay linked via social media , email, phone calls and other messages

• Seek to foresee pressure and provide shared assistance

• Stay hygienic, wash your hand correctly and wear your dress for a maximum of 2 days.

• Don’t try to make assumptions.

• Note this is a brief isolation time for reducing coronavirus dissemination.

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