See that you're Disabled!

See that you’re Disabled!

When most people think of a person with a disability, they think of someone missing a limb, a wheelchair, or someone who walks limp; a physical disability of any kind that actually confirms a disability. Some people do not understand that handicaps go well beyond the physical appearance of a person.

This can be dangerous if these people themselves don’t seem to think about their business by leaving notes on cars staying in handicapped places trying to shame them because they park there if they were not handicapped on the basis of their looks.

There are many times I had to have a scooter while in a store, festival or park but I don’t like a disability due to the stigma. Many other people, like me, aren’t going to park in a disabled car park because they feel this same disgrace from the ignorance of viewers.

Also, remember the company that pays you. Hold your hands on a hobby if you have so long. Stop judging and open your eyes to the fact that people with disabilities do not look just one way.

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