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My Float Tank Experience in Fibromyalgia

By: Dr Alexa James I have been able to try almost anything for some relief for the last 13 years since my fibromyalgia was officially “diagnosed.” Recently, I heard a lot and were curious about float tank therapy, among many others, to support fibro. Therefore, I was excited, interested and a little nervous when a […]

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Use of Fibromyalgia Flotation Therapy
Fibromyalgia Medications

Use of Fibromyalgia Flotation Therapy |

Last month, for a 90-minute flotation therapy session, I finally got back a Christmas gift certificate. Flotation therapy (technically known as flotation REST–environmental stimulation reduction therapy) was developed by a neuroscientist in the 1950s and involves the flotation of an enclosed water-filled tank. The water is body temperature heated and contains so much Epsom (active […]

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