The Power of Seed Nutrition

The Power of Seed Nutrition

By: Dr Alex Robber

There were plants first in the field of nutritional supplements, then tablets, then juices and, more recently, oils. Now a new kid is on the block here. Not really a young child at all, but a very old one in modern clothes! We’re talking about seeds and their amazing health benefits-benefits that even the ancient Egyptians knew as Tutankhamun was found in his burial chamber with cumin seeds. How could this be so?

Good nutrition is the basis for good health and all good nutrition starts with a seed, where it is more efficient, pure and bio-available than any other source of nutrition. An American company has figured out how to harness the power of seeds when designing a vaccine to help boost children with terminal cancer’s immune systems.

They came up with a unique blend of black cumin seeds, chardonnay grape seeds and black raspberry seeds using a cold-pressed technique to preserve the seeds ‘ goodness. The resulting 2oz-pouches have the antioxidant equivalent of 8-10 fruit parts, 8-10 vegetable portions and 2-3 safe fatty acid portions.

The children started to grow beyond all expectations: the seeds decreased inflammation–the cause of most chronic body health problems–accelerated the process of regeneration, increased energy, neutralized free radical damage and much more. The company did not claim that these goods offered a cure for anything, but rather that they enabled the body to repair itself, doing away with some of the damage caused by toxins, contamination, genetically modified foods and stress.

As this drug and other seed-based goodies have become more widely available, people have been blown away by how effective they are and have overwhelmed the company’s facebook group with testimonials on all kinds of conditions, including fibromyalgia to neuropathy, arthritis, menopausal symptoms, even cancer, and more.

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The question is, how did it take so long for us to rediscover what the ancients seem to have learned all along? If you would like to hear more about seed’s health-giving products or read any testimonials, please contact Frances [Email:]

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