Thrive this Summer with Fibro Blogger's great tips

Thrive this Summer with Fibro Blogger’s great tips

Oh summer! It’s time for many to cool down in the pool, burgers on the barbecue and long walks on the beach.

However, summer heat and moisture can lead to flares and worsening of symptoms for those of us with fibromyalgia.

As so many of us struggle in the summer months, I chose to reach out to some of my colleagues in fibromyalgia and ask for the best tips for over heat and humidity. I ‘m looking forward to your answers.

Sarah Carry

My first tip is to take things slowly to survive in the summer with fibromyalgia. This may be frustrating, especially when you feel like all your friends are outdoor or actively engaged on trips, but your time and slow living art are more likely to make the most of the sunshine.

To keep up with the practical self-care approach you use all year round, the best you can do to survive the summer! Enjoy the sun, but don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Casey Torro

It is especially important that you speed yourself during the busy summer season. Summer frequently is when families jump from fun to fun. However, while you respect the limit of your body, you can still have an incredible summer. One day, go to the beach, then arrange to watch a movie in an air-conditioned theater next day. Make more work than you are used to by walking with the family but then take the night to relax with the bonfire and tell dumb stories.

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It can be easy for me, as a college student, to hear about the insane summer adventures of my friends and to feel like I am boring in comparison. I also know, however, that dealing with an over-activity fibro flare-up doesn’t have any fun either … and I like it all summer as much as I can when I pack myself.

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