What Women Can Do in the Situation of Child With Fibromyalgia?

What Women Can Do in the Situation of Child With Fibromyalgia?

Every time a child is sick, his parents will do all they can to make it feel better. If they’re falling down, they will give them a hand and make sure all is all right. You do all you can to make your child feel better. This is the parents’ natural instinct. But what are parents supposed to do when they see something wrong with the health of their child? They can think that something is wrong with their child by noticing changes in child behaviour.

What are parents supposed to do in this situation? You can notice the change because of young children, but not exactly point the problem out because everything happens to them is normal for young children. You can not help yourself.

A collection of children was interviewed by Claudia Marek, author of the first year of fibromyalgia, who was astonished to know that 50 percent know that they are suffering from pain but the others acted as all was ok and are brave enough to handle the pain. Most of them complained of pain, and they even didn’t know according to her that pain was not normal.

Marek, the fibromyalgia was herself the victim. She has two children and both are fibromyalgia sufferers. With fibromyalgia she grew up. Her sister and mother had migraines. She brought her all the time to a headache environment but wasn’t in a position to explain, because she realised her headache didn’t match her sister’s or her mother’s.

When a baby is running and he always has pain in his legs. He can not distinguish his condition and assumes that his normal and every child is confronted with it. Fibromyalgia is generally unpredictable and incompatible with symptoms that mysteriously disappear as they arose. It may become fibrous fog, if your kid has trouble concentrating while he does his homework but can very well handle his / her other tasks.

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Another indication of something wrong is a change to the sleep habits of your child. If these changes affect the daily life of your child, you will obviously seek the opinion of the doctor about this. You and your child will be relieved for a final and exact diagnosis. The paediatrician diagnoses juvenile fibromyalgia with the history of comparisons of the same symptoms in adults and of other possible diseases. Sometimes when your doctor doesn’t know a lot about fibromyalgia, you need to find out a second opinion.

Unfortunately, some families face difficulties when people accuse them of imposing on their child their symptoms to declare them sick as an element of some kind of agenda. When Marek brought me to the doctor, the doctor snubbed her clearly and said she only encourages my disability, he said to my mom that she had faced the same trouble. You have a right to a second opinion if your doctor dismissed you.

Do not underestimate your children. Do not underestimate your children. Let them try if they can do anything. What you can do best to them is to teach them a rhythm. Learn to begin the task early, stop if you feel tired and catch up with better days. This is the best thing that you can do.

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