When Fibromyalgia Sufferers Here The Most Hateful Things From People

When Fibromyalgia Sufferers Here The Most Hateful Things From People

If you’re suffering from fibromyalgia, you may have made some remarks regarding your illness that make you say, “Serious?! “While our physicians and loved ones typically have positive ideas, often a lack of comprehension leads their concerns or suggestions to fail entirely. This can be irritating and frustrating that someone doesn’t actually pay attention or want to learn, so it can, sadly, contribute to unexpected so offensive remarks.

Occasionally though, stuff people say are just so unwise (and so far from the truth) that they’re almost funny. We realize that despite enduring the true agony, fatigue, and stupor of fibromyalgia, many people still have to confront the stigma of developing a debilitating illness.

We told our readers for some of the most unpleasant descriptions of what people were doing to them. Be warned, some of these stuff are only tragic. Yet it’s crucial that we bring this to light. We had such an amazing answer that we wanted to post some of them.

A couple of these issues are really intolerable. We ‘re bringing them with the expectation that they will be discussed with people who are willing to do any of these stuff and worry twice before sharing them, but they may still be upsetting for those who experience stories like this in their everyday lives.

Isn’t that when you’re just tired all the time?

“Isn’t it why you’re exhausted all the time? ‘This is very self-explanatory. ‘Already tired’ is an underestimate to too many of the signs that fibromyalgia brings us. I want greater empathy about this illness, because people realize it’s not about tiredness 24/7.”—Alexis G.

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Fibromyalgia doesn’t exist

It’s a characteristic that everyone has heard, and it’s so hard because maybe we should have made it a favorite hateful statement because it’s the root of all stigmas against people with fibromyalgia. I’ve seen a psychiatrist about some medical problem.

When he noticed Fibromyalgia on my medical report, he stated, “I don’t believe Fibromyalgia is an current problem. It actually doesn’t work. What the hell are you paying with it? It’s a horrible disease. I’ve been putting on my confident face 24/7. Nobody can feel our suffering and misery, and they’re wondering whether it’s real or we’re only fishing for sympathy. It’s a lot easier to say that I’m fine than to describe why I’m not.

You just need to eat healthy and loose weight

“Cook well to reduce weight. While I’ve been dropping weight because I didn’t feed because of my diarrhea and the tenderness is always there. And I’m still eating healthy. “—Eloise Taylor

God is punishing you for your sins

In rendering disability a verdict on the moral integrity of a individual, these individuals carry the victim-blaming to the next point, it’s a shame. My dad, who is a pastor, convinced me that I was being punished by Heaven for all the crazy stuff I have done, and my family asks why I don’t believe. Jesus is punishing me for my crimes were the most cruel thing I’ve ever been taught. I know a lot of good Christians who died of cancer, I don’t think they were punished either. How dare they tell that to me?

You just want attention

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Participants want to come out of their armchair psychology degrees with this one. Munchausen Syndrome is a true problem, but that’s how fibromyalgia is. Men are so disrespectful to me.

‘Attention seeking,’ ‘Everything’s in your brain,’ ‘It can’t be too terrible,’ ‘Stop being lazy,’ ‘You ought to go out and do more,’ ‘I did that for it, and it’s worse,’ ‘Are you sure you’re not holding on anything? ‘You ‘re still scared.’

I was in the hospital with the most horrific pain flare up, I needed too many scans, and all of them returned to usual, and the doctor assured my dad that your doctor just decided to take care of me. Nothing is wrong with her. She’s a hypochondriac. She also wants to work out and she has to lose weight. These are only a couple of the things I learn from you!

You don’t know tired is because you don’t have kids

“Because I don’t have babies, I don’t know how exhausted I am. Yeah, that’s easy to tell, but maybe they don’t realize how exhausted they are since they don’t have my disorder. I ‘d love to be in a position where I thought I might make a choice about having babies. For now, my body is taking the choice for me. “—Jennifer L.B.

Fibromyalgia can easily be managed

“It’s simple to treat fibromyalgia; nearly suddenly, everything is going back to usual. Then, I think they understood that I couldn’t talk, drive or even wash my hair for a couple days. Many days, I can live with the agony sufficiently to see friends and relatives with a smile on my heart. In comparison, I sometimes push myself to act in public appearances, culminating in a flare-up lasting a week or longer as a paragraph. “– Katherine L.

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People with Fibromyalgia are just lazy

This is a killer, and the vast majority of our respondents said they said they just “don’t want to do” stuff. A few answers: I’m sluggish, I play my fibro and it’s all in your head, and you can do more than you think you can! Lazy, everyone is hurting. Everybody’s got arthritis. You need to exercise, you need to walk around. My 17-year-old son broke my heart and said I wasn’t sick, I was lazy. And though he heard me moaning in my sleep, he placed two walls of agony. I’m 53, so I’ve got to use a walker. Yeah, I was just tired to claim if I get up and walked about, I ‘d be fine, maybe it’s just in my brain if I could do anything to hold my mind focused, I ‘d be good.

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